Rolls S12-100 LFP BATTERY

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Rolls long-life, high performance Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 battery with exceptional cycle life and up to 50% lighter than equivalent lead-acid battery models.


  • Prismatic LiFePO4 cells offer longer cycle life & added safety
  • IEC62133, UL, UN38.3 cell certification
  • UN38.3, CE system certification
  • Expected cycle life ~3500 @ 100%DOD


  • standard-size (BCI) ABS container for easy VRLA replacement
  • Fast charge/discharge performance
  • -20~ / +55°C widely temperature range
  • Maintenance-free

Battery Management System:

  • Integrated hardware BMS inside.
  • Independent protection for charge and discharge
  • OVP, LVP, OCP, OTP, LTP protection